Understanding The Price21

Many people are confused as to how the 4Cs affect price of diamonds. 

There are specific parameters in cut, clarity, carat and colour that affect a diamond’s price. When you begin searching for a diamond, it is helpful if you have an idea of those characteristics that are most important to you: are you after size (carats) or after the purity of the stone (clarity). Is the way light is reflected through the stone (cut) more important than its colour?

A diamond’s beauty, rarity and price depend on the interplay of all the 4Cs – cut, clarity, carat and colour. The rarer the diamond’s characteristics, the higher the price it fetches. Buying a diamond is an investment, since it maintains its qualities and value forever.
All the C’s are equally important when defining the beauty and it is important to note that each of the 4c’s will not diminish in value over time unless damaged by an accident.