Our Client’s Love Story – Rings for two

Janica & Luke's Engagement

Tell us…how did you meet?

Janica:  He arrived at the club with my brother, but it was the first time I met him. There was an immediate connection that is difficult to describe. We shared a look across the bar and we knew we had to talk. We spent the rest of the night speaking, laughing and dancing, feeling completely electrified by each other. It felt magical and we just clicked right there and then. A few days later, he asked me to join him at his friends wedding as his plus one and well…now I can’t wait to be his plus one forever.

So how did you know you wanted to propose and how did it happen?

Luke: I proposed on our third anniversary during a post-dinner walk, once I finally found a quiet place in the park, I just got down on one knee and popped the question. I knew she is the one the moment I realised I do not ever want to be without her. She means the world to me and I would not want it any other way, so I knew I had to ask her to be my wife! 

Did you know?

Janica: I knew he was going to propose…there’s just a feeling in the air. Even though I was somewhat expecting it, when the moment came I was so overwhelmed I started to cry. I was just happy, because it is exactly what I wanted. I will be able to spend the rest of my life with someone I feel is my home, my rock, my biggest fan, my best friend and my biggest love.

Luke: I had some hints from Janica about the type of ring she would like…she wasn’t very subtle about it (laughter) I started doing some online research and all arrows pointed towards GABA, so I came here. She hinted at wanting a ring with a few diamonds and that she did not want a thin ring, so I had some idea about what to look for. With some great guidance from the team I finally decided on a solitaire ring, because the setting and diamond seemed more aligned with what Janica had imagined…and luckily I was right! She loved it.

Janica: He really managed to match my style and now I feel very proud wearing it.

You came back to the shop soon after…    

Janica: Yes, Luke’s birthday is a week after our anniversary and now also the date he proposed, so I thought I have to get him something really special. I came back to GABA because I knew the team got to know Luke when he was buying my ring, so they would know what kind of ring could match him, because honestly…I had no idea! Ray showed me a few models of engagement rings for men, but I left it in his hands, because he’s the expert not me. The final product came really nice, so I was very glad. The ring was finished in a week’s time and I gave it to him during his birthday dinner and he was very surprised (laughs).

Luke: I was not expecting something like this at all! But I love it…it’s so personal and original.

Janica: Yes, the ring was made fully customised and it’s engraved on the inside.

You had a great idea! Now you both have engagement rings, which is so unique. Congratulations to you both!