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The Steps

The Process

  • 1. Choose a Box
  • Choose a box from one of those listed below, according to what you are looking for, ranging from silver gifts to wedding bands.

  • 2. Fill in the form & tell us what you’re after
  • Give us some insights and details on what you are after, and help us deliver our expert advice.

  • 3. Receive 1-on-1 expert advice
  • In receiving your form, our expert team will send up to 10 items that best fit your criteria - through video & image format, via e-mail or WhatsApp. More will be sent should upon request.

  • 4. Schedule a video call *optional*
  • This step is *optional* - should you wish to either receive more options to choose from or just simply discuss the items sent in more detail, our expert team will be available to schedule a video call.

  • 5. Place order & make contactless payment
  • Once you are happy & satisfied with your choice, the order must be placed, confirmed in writing, with Zoe or Helna, our experts sales team who will be handling the online services. On confirmation, payment details will be sent via e-mail.

  • 6. Contactless next day delivery
  • Once payment is securely received, our team will pack your purchase, according to our health & safety protocol mapped out below. Your purchase will be sent out the following day.

The Protocol

all our staff will be applying this protocol when handling your jewellery

1. Sanitise hands 1. Sanitise hands
2. Wear mask 2. Wear mask
3. Wear disposable gloves 3. Wear disposable gloves
4. Wipe down jewellery with alcohol wipes 4. Wipe down jewellery with alcohol wipes
5. Package jewellery 5. Package jewellery
6. Dispose of gloves 6. Dispose of gloves