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Together with your partner, let us choose the wedding bands that symbolise your love & commitment to one another. From timeless styles to more decorative ones, we have countless options to choose from.

Your satisfaction is our priority, that is why the online process for wedding bands is slightly different to the rest of our GABA products.

With the guidance of our expert professionals we are equipped to advise you according to your needs, style & desires.

The Process

The Process

  • 1. Give us a little insight
  • Fill in the form linked below. Introduce yourself, perhaps you already have something in mind, or you just have a budget in mind, use our form to let us know.

  • 2. Schedule a Video Call
  • On receiving your form, our sales executive Helna, will contact you to schedule a video call and to start getting a better & more connected idea of how to guide you through the journey of choosing your wedding rings. A video call link will be sent via email. There is also the *option* to set up an audio call should this be requested.

  • 3. 1-on-1 expert advice
  • Have a chat with Helna, tell her your initial thoughts and receive her primary expert advice. We are here to listen to your needs & desires. During the call we would like to give you the opportunity to exchange as much information to Helna as possible, in order to ensure the GABA experience.

  • 4. Receive Options
  • In considering the conversation had during the video/phone call, accounting for your needs, tastes, budget and so on, Helna will draw up the top options that she would recommend fit what you are looking for. Videos & photos will be sent via e-mail.

  • 5. Schedule another Video Call
  • Once the options are received and considered, another video call will be scheduled in order to discuss the options further.

  • 6. 1-on-1 expert advice
  • Here is where you have the opportunity to give Helna your feedback regarding her choices. During the call Helna will be able to show you the suggested options & any new ones, should the initial ones not meet what you are looking for, through video conferencing. The new options will also be sent via email, in video & photo format. Should more video calls be requested, please inform Helna & she will schedule them accordingly.

  • 7. Place order & make contactless payment
  • Once a ring is determined & decided upon, should you wish to make the purchase, you would need to confirm it with Helna via email or call. Upon confirmation, payment details will follow.

  • 8. Receive your order
  • Once the rings are paid for in full, free contactless delivery will take place.